Partner Perks

  • Free covered parking
  • Access to Cafeteria
  • Uniforms and dry cleaning service
  • Paid personal days
  • Discounted hotel stays for you, your friends & family
  • Discounted Gym Membership
  • Discounts on spa, golf, mini golf, restaurants & café
  • Partner events include; Annual Gala, Kids Holiday, & Summer Party
  • Quarterly recognition & award celebrations
  • RRSP for Part-Time roles
  • RRSP and company matching for Full-Time roles
  • Employee assistance program (TelusHealth One)
  • Leadership development training program
  • Service training program
  • Opportunities to Grow!

Partner Video

Hit play and see if you’re ready to join the Brookstreet Hotel and Marshes Golf Club party!
Excited to possibly welcome you aboard,

“During my 20 years at the Brookstreet Hotel, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great teams, the present one included. What I still find so special is on crazy, hectic, busy nights when the team comes together and ‘exceeds’ all of our own guest expectations. It never gets old! ”

Roch, Food & Beverage

“Being a part of a hotel opening and all the people I have had the pleasure to meet and work with over the years.”

Kevin, Maintenance

“My favourite thing about working at Brookstreet is the strong relationships I have carved out with current and past partners of the hotel. It is such a pleasure to watch partners in their career grow and to be part of their career path.”

Shawnne, Rooms Division

“I love the amazing benefits we get from working at Brookstreet!”

Yihan, Styling

“My favourite things about working at Brookstreet is that it’s close to my house, offers great benefits, and I get to meet new people all of the time.”

Thuy, Styling

“Doing overnight duties to maintain public areas for our guests.”

Primitivo, Styling

“Professional friendly work environment, making new friends, and a great career!”

Jamie, Food & Beverage

“Working at Brookstreet for the past 20 years has allowed me to have a fantastic work/life balance. Being present to raise 2 great kids while working part- time fulfilling my passion. For that I am grateful.”

Jennifer, Au Naturel Spa

“The people I get to work with everyday, and the atmosphere at Brookstreet.”

Romano, Styling

“My favourite thing is that Brookstreet Hotel is a safe place to work”

Nirangini, Styling

“I like to work at Brookstreet because we have good benefits here and it is fun to work in styling.”

Brenda, Styling

“First and foremost what I like working at Brookstreet is the people around, the partners are easy to get along with. Aside from that; the benefits, the flexibility of the schedule, and of course I’m happy with leadership here at Brookstreet.”

Manuel, Styling

“The Partners. Everyone has been welcoming, kind, and supportive; working together to create an amazing Hospitality experience for our Guests and Partners. I appreciate that we are empowered to be creative to ensure that our Partners and Guests have amazing, memorable experiences. It has been a pleasure to be part of such a great team for so many years.”

Amanda, Human Resources

“Working with an amazing team and watching the Brookstreet and Marshes grow these past 20 Years!”

Nyle, General Manager & Executive Vice President

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